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What's in it?

Our kettle corn is popped fresh using just four simple ingredients: popcorn, corn oil, sugar and salt. It contains no nut, dairy, or gluten products. That means that allergies are never an issue!

How is it made?

First, we heat our oil in a large stainless steel kettle and add the popcorn until it starts to sizzle. Next, we add just the right amount of sugar to satisfy that sweet-tooth. The popped corn is then dumped into a large tray to cool and be salted, while the unpopped kernels fall through small holes inside the tray. This leaves you with only the fluffiest pieces! You can almost smell and taste the deliciousness now, can't you?

Do you make any other flavors?

Indeed we do! We now offer Cinnamon Corn, which tastes like a snickerdoodle cookie, and Crabby Corn, which is covered in seafood seasoning to satisfy our fellow Marylanders. Yum!

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